Shielding & Roadmap out of lockdown & Immunisation

Shielding We are aware that some children will have received a further letter informing them that they should extend shielding until 31st March. This will be incorrect for many children with respiratory conditions who receive this letter as this list originates from the first lockdown and period of shielding (when all children with respiratory conditionsContinue reading “Shielding & Roadmap out of lockdown & Immunisation”

Back to school?

There have been a number of documents released over the last few weeks relating to the return to school for all children. There has also been some guidance for schools regarding managing the care requirements of children with additional health needs, in particular those who require ‘aerosol-generating procedures’ (AGPs), including tracheostomy ventilation, in school. TheseContinue reading “Back to school?”

UPDATED: COVID-19 Shielding advice for children receiving home ventilation (LTV)

The past few months for everyone have been a particularly challenging and worrying time.  As parents and families of children who have an ongoing respiratory and ventilation need you have all done a fantastic job following the shielding advice and keeping you and your child fit and well. We are so pleased to say thatContinue reading “UPDATED: COVID-19 Shielding advice for children receiving home ventilation (LTV)”

Shielding, schools & “what now?”

With some children being invited back to school, uncertainty about what shielding is appropriate and for whom, many families are wondering what is the right thing to do for them and their children. The UK Government has updated it’s advice on shielding, however as with previous advice this does not manage the situation for childrenContinue reading “Shielding, schools & “what now?””

Rachel Gregory ‘meets’ Prince Harry

Rachel Gregory, funded through WellChild, is one of Nottingham Children’s Hospital’s Long Term Ventilation Clinical Nurse Specialists. Rachel joined families who are supported by WellChild so that The Duke of Sussex could hear of the challenges that families with vulnerable children are facing during the COVID emergency. You can read about this meeting here. SheContinue reading “Rachel Gregory ‘meets’ Prince Harry”

Protracted bacterial bronchitis

QMy son’s condition (Protracted Bacterial Bronchitis) does not appear in the guidance for shielding, therefore can we safely assume that he is not extremely vulnerable to coronavirus? AAs you describe, S does not come into the category of ‘extremely vulnerable’. However he is vulnerable to ANY viral infection that may provoke his PBB and inContinue reading “Protracted bacterial bronchitis”

Personal protective equipment

We addressed the recommendations for personal protective equipment in our recent letter to families of children who require home ventilation. However since this, Public Health England have updated their guidance – accessed here. It is summarised below: This was also covered in a recent Question on the Q&A page. Ask your question there too…

Looking after your wellbeing during the COVID emergency

This is a very stressful time, particularly for families with a child who has a health problem. In addition to the SHIELDING advice and advice for families of children requiring home ventilation, there are a number of resources that can be helpful: Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental healthContinue reading “Looking after your wellbeing during the COVID emergency”