Shielding, schools & “what now?”

With some children being invited back to school, uncertainty about what shielding is appropriate and for whom, many families are wondering what is the right thing to do for them and their children.

The UK Government has updated it’s advice on shielding, however as with previous advice this does not manage the situation for children specifically. For those not in a high risk category the advice for what is currently advised is here.

We remain that the number of children infected with coronavirus has been very low and very few children have required hospital treatment.

Blanket advice is difficult to interpret for individuals and balancing competing risks and benefits can be tricky. In particular individual circumstances for families can vary considerably. For many children the definite benefits of returning to school will be far greater than the very small risk of the effects of coronavirus infection. A very small number of children should continue to shield with their families.

Your clinical teams have had detailed discussions about the children under our care. We are ready and welcome a discussion so we can help share decision-making with you.

One thought on “Shielding, schools & “what now?”

  1. Thank you, it is reassuring that we have support. From a parent’s perspective, it’s difficult to know how you can let your child safely coexist with this virus, especially when they have a rare lung disease. I will definitely be discussing this more with the wonderful respiratory team at QMC and taking the advice offered 😀


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