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Please use this space so that we can understand the uncertainties that the families and children we care for have. We can then share these questions and answers for the benefit of everyone. Questions are posted here with consent.

Protracted bacterial bronchitis

QMy son’s condition (Protracted Bacterial Bronchitis) does not appear in the guidance for shielding, therefore can we safely assume that he is not extremely vulnerable to coronavirus? AAs you describe, S does not come into the category of ‘extremely vulnerable’. However he is vulnerable to ANY viral infection that may provoke his PBB and in…

Recurrent croup

QOur son T has recurrent croup. He has been hospitalised several times with the condition, bouts are becoming less frequent but still occur with viral infections. Our concern is that if he contracted Covid-19 it would be a severe case. We haven’t had a letter and don’t consider him to be extremely vulnerable but he…


QHello Team, my question is around PPE equipment and how we can safely continue to care for our child without it during the COVID-19 outbreak? For example our daughter needs regular suctioning from mouth, nose and tracheostomy as well as cough assist treatment but if we have no face masks or shields how can we…

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