Shielding & Roadmap out of lockdown & Immunisation


We are aware that some children will have received a further letter informing them that they should extend shielding until 31st March. This will be incorrect for many children with respiratory conditions who receive this letter as this list originates from the first lockdown and period of shielding (when all children with respiratory conditions were initially advised to shield).

There are very few children for whom shielding is necessary. You will have had a discussion with your clinical team if your family are affected. For others careful hand hygiene, appropriate use of facemasks and social distancing remain important tools to prevent COVID spread.

Roadmap from lockdown

Many people will be delighted about the prospect of easing restrictions, for others this will be a source of some anxiety. Returning to school may be a concern, not least because lots of children will not have been mixing for a prolonged period.

Many children, indeed many with significant health needs, have been accessing and enjoying school throughout this recent lockdown. If you have concerns, we would encourage a discussion with your clinical team. For very many children, the significant benefits that school brings will far outweigh the very small risk of COVID infection to them. It is inevitable that COVID transmission will increase to a degree once mixing increases. The continued focus upon hand hygiene, symptomatic testing and COVID ‘bubbles’ will play an important role in keeping such spread under control.


Our area has seen a huge achievement in the swift immunisation of thousands of people in vulnerable groups. This coverage will continue to increase over coming weeks. The groups of people eligible for a vaccine at the present time are as set out below and here

people aged 64 and over

people who are at high risk from coronavirus (clinically extremely vulnerable)

people who are at moderate risk from coronavirus (clinically vulnerable)

people who live or work in care homes

health and social care workers

people who are eligible for Carer’s Allowance – find out more about Carer’s Allowance on GOV.UK

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