QHello Team, my question is around PPE equipment and how we can safely continue to care for our child without it during the COVID-19 outbreak? For example our daughter needs regular suctioning from mouth, nose and tracheostomy as well as cough assist treatment but if we have no face masks or shields how can we keep ourselves and our carers protected if we have no supply? 

I have approached our CHC team and explained my daughters care doesn’t stop so if she was to suddenly become symptomatic in the morning for example, we and her carers would still need to continue to care for her but without the right equipment surely we would then become infected ourselves which in turn would reduce our care ability, including care staff considerably. I believe discussions are in place to have some face masks and shields sent to us so that we are prepared and can continue to care should our child become symptomatic but referring back to my original question, if we continue to have issues with supply in the future do you have any other advice or recommendations as to how we can safely deliver care without PPE?

We have already significantly increased hygiene measures but I also wondered if you would suggest, based on the aerosol spray of secretions, that we should be using face masks and face shields without our daughter being symptomatic during COVID-19?

AThe situation regarding personal protective equipment is constantly changing and the supply of PPE can feel insecure. This was covered in our recent mailing to families of children who require home ventilation – here. However, even since we produced this, there have been further updates from Public Health England.

With reference to your question – when symptomatic (change in secretions, increased oxygen requirement or fever) the guidance is that a mask and eye protection is used.

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  1. We have a private care team and they are having great difficulty accessing ppe so they are thinking outside the box. They have purchased work safety goggles and cycling masks (they do have some normal masks) and these are with us as a stand in should something be needed prior to ppe being obtained. Not ideal but better than nothing


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