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The UK Government have a dedicated website for COVID-19 information

You may be eligible to register for Governmental Coronavirus support if you fall into one of the ‘at risk’ groups –

There are very few children we consider to be extremely vulnerable. We will be having discussions with children, young people and their families about their own situations.

The Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health have published guidance regarding those considered vulnerable.

The Government advice currently is that shielding is not required.

COVID cases in your area.

There are a number of sources of local information, at various level.

Testing and regional information

Regional mapping information

Local mapping information

In addition a number of organisations have information specifically targeted to those with particular health conditions:


Asthma UK

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

British Lung Foundation


We will post here information relevant to families in our region. We also have a question & answer page where you can ask questions so that others might also benefit.

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Wellbeing for parents

For parents who have or have had a child in hospital, or with a long term condition

COVID Vaccination

We are aware that many children in our region have been invited for vaccination. This has been as a result of an administrative error and the statement from the CCG can be found here The RCPCH and JCVI Green Book has very clear guidance about children and COVID vaccination: The only other group identified by the JointContinue reading “COVID Vaccination”

Back to school?

There have been a number of documents released over the last few weeks relating to the return to school for all children. There has also been some guidance for schools regarding managing the care requirements of children with additional health needs, in particular those who require ‘aerosol-generating procedures’ (AGPs), including tracheostomy ventilation, in school. TheseContinue reading “Back to school?”

UPDATED: COVID-19 Shielding advice for children receiving home ventilation (LTV)

The past few months for everyone have been a particularly challenging and worrying time.  As parents and families of children who have an ongoing respiratory and ventilation need you have all done a fantastic job following the shielding advice and keeping you and your child fit and well. We are so pleased to say thatContinue reading “UPDATED: COVID-19 Shielding advice for children receiving home ventilation (LTV)”

Kaftrio for children with cystic fibrosis

Today the NHS confirmed that Kaftrio (or Tricafta in the US) will be available to prescribe in the UK for children (aged 12 years and older if they have the appropriate mutation) once it receives authorisation from the EMA. Further detail is here

WellChild COVID-19 Direct Response Service

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and WellChild’s recognition of some of the challenges vulnerable children and their families may be facing, we are offering a Direct Response Service to try and help you get the things you need. More information can be seen on their webpage – here

Personal protective equipment

We addressed the recommendations for personal protective equipment in our recent letter to families of children who require home ventilation. However since this, Public Health England have updated their guidance – accessed here. It is summarised below: This was also covered in a recent Question on the Q&A page. Ask your question there too…

Guidance and advice for families of children on home ventilation

SHIELDING Guidance for families, with a Child on Home Ventilation –  After careful consideration ALL our families with a child on home ventilation are advised to follow shielding procedures from infection by Coronavirus 19 (COVID 19). This document gives comprehensive and up-to-date links to that advice and guidance. You will also find our contact details. YourContinue reading “Guidance and advice for families of children on home ventilation”

Shielding guidance

The Government has issues guidance for people with certain health conditions. We have some reassurance that children do not appear to be severely affected by COVID-19.  However it is important that we do all we can to reduce the risk of children requiring care in hospital.   We would consider that children who have aContinue reading “Shielding guidance”

LTV letter to families

Letter sent to families of children and young people cared for by the LTV Home ventilation service – 16th March

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