Protracted bacterial bronchitis

QMy son’s condition (Protracted Bacterial Bronchitis) does not appear in the guidance for shielding, therefore can we safely assume that he is not extremely vulnerable to coronavirus?

AAs you describe, S does not come into the category of ‘extremely vulnerable’. However he is vulnerable to ANY viral infection that may provoke his PBB and in this way coronavirus may cause him to be similarly unwell.  As a result taking sensible precautions – particularly with hand washing and limiting S’s contact with others outside of the family home.  You’ll be doing this anyway during the ‘lockdown’ period.  

An additional point is that we are concerned that people may be wary of coming to hospital to seek help should their child be unwell, due to concerns of catching coronavirus.  We want to stress that emergency hospital care continues and readily available for children who need us.  Please adhere to the action plan you may have agreed with your healthcare team.

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